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Listen to Nepali FM Radios Online (Kantipur FM, Hits FM, Maitri FM, Nepal FM, Ujyalo FM)

[ad#ad-1]If you are outside of the country or somewhere where you cannot listen to these FMs or simply want to waste your bandwidth, you can listen to them online, LIVE.

Here you will find links to Kantipur FM, Hits FM, Maitri FM, Nepal FM and Ujyalo FM: (fixed)


However, you may like to listen to them with your favourite media player (VLC, what else). This can be possible if you have VLC installed. You will just need to download this small file and extract it somewhere. Then you may open those with VLC and listen to them.

In Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope, I was unable to listen to Kantipur FM from their site, but am able to play the pls with VLC and Totem Media Player.


Goto FM Page at:


[HOWTO] [UPDATED] Add Widgets to Notepad-Chaos WordPress Theme


UPDATE: As wordpress does not show characters correctly, the codes below may not work. So please do copy the codes from this file I have uploaded. Please read the post as well as the instructions included in the file. You may need to use WinRAR or 7zip to extract the file if you are running Windows.

The theme I’m using in this blog is widget unaware Notepad-Chaos theme. However, I have managed to allow it to add widgets. Continue reading [HOWTO] [UPDATED] Add Widgets to Notepad-Chaos WordPress Theme

Yahoo Voice Chat and Webcam in Ubuntu

[ad#ad-1] GYach-E supports Voice Chat and Webcam for Yahoo! Messenger in Linux. It can be installed in most Linux distros by compilation from source. Visit the project homepage here.

Ubutnu users can install GYach-E by simply enabling repository and installing via Synaptic Package Manager.

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How to fix a corrupt download (Jaunty Jackalope CD Image)

[ad#ad-1]I downloaded Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope ISO and discovered that the file was not downloaded properly. It was corrupt. It failed the md5 check and failed to install inside Sun VirtualBox.

I did not want to download the file again. I have a very poor internet connection. I had downloaded the file from http link with the help of wget.

The ISO was the size as specified in the site. I think this process works only if this holds true. Also, it needs to be available in the torrents. These hold true for the file I was trying to download. Continue reading How to fix a corrupt download (Jaunty Jackalope CD Image)

Bypass Compulsory Registrations

You just found a solution to your problem in google, but cannot view it because the site that requires you to be a registered user.

How do you bypass compulsory registrations to such sites?

Well, I used bugmenot most of the times. But bugmenot does not contain login for all sites (unless of course somebody posts it there) and some sites ban users whose login information is posted in bugmenot.

Use Google Cache.
Most sites allow google bots to view and cache the page contents so that they get their content indexed in Google. You can view the page the by simply clicking Cached.

A sample restricted link from h4cky0u
Image (Click to Enlarge): h4cky0u blocks Guests but welcomes Googlebot

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