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[SOLVED] WinMySQLAdmin 1.4 : Access violation at address xxxxxx in module ‘LIBMYSQL.dll’. Read of address 00000000

I am working on a project on a Windows 7 machine with XAMPP installed. The version installed was 1.7.0 and it was showing dialog boxes with the following error:

Access violation at address xxxxxx in module ‘LIBMYSQL.dll’. Read of address 00000000

Here is one:
Access Violation XAMPP

I tried reinstalling, but reinstallation failed because apparently mysql\bin folder was not remove during the uninstallation. So, I stopped the winmysqladmin.exe from the task manager and removed the bin folder and reinstalled again.

Then, I was able to install XAMPP. The new version of WinMySQLAdmin does not seem to have the same problem.

[SOLVED] Windows Installer: The installation package cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service.

I ran into a computer with Windows XP and I got the following error while trying to install a new Windows application:

Windows Installer
This installation package cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service. You must install a Windows service pack that contains a newer version of the Windows Installer service.

I did not have time to install all automatic updates or install the whole service pack, so I downloaded a Windows hotfix from here. The file is named WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe. I installed it and the program could be installed without problems.

[HOWTO] Install Selenium Module for PHP in Netbeans 7.0 beta

If you are using Netbeans 7.0 beta, the plugin list may not show Selenium Module for PHP. To install it, navigate to Tools>Plugins>Settings and click on Add. Then, in the name field, enter something like “Netbeans 6.9 beta” and in the URL field, enter the following URL:

Now, reload the cataloge and you should be able to install Selenium Module for PHP.

Happy developing.

[SOLVED] Fix the “EXEs opening with a single program” problem in Windows 7

I was using a friend’s computer with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with IDM installed. Once an EXE was downloaded, I clicked on “Open With” instead of Open and selected an application (WinRAR). Since the downloaded EXE file was a self extracting archive, I just wanted to view the contents using WinRAR. However, I neglected the grayed tick mark in “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”. After that, every program started opening with WinRAR. Even if you manage to delete the offending program somehow, you will get a “Windows cannot find .exe file. Make sure you typed the name correctly” and the problem will still not be fixed.

I searched around a lot to get rid of the problem but it was really difficult to find it. Finally I found a solution by Vishal Gupta. However, it is not clear in his blog how to run the command. In my case, I was not able to open the command prompt either.

The solution is however, rather simple. If you have a browser open in the same computer, you are lucky. However, if you don’t, I’m not sure how to go about it. Share if you know.

Anyways, here is the solution:
Right click and save the following file in the same folder:

Now, open the directory and right click and merge it. That should make your programs launch properly now.

[HOWTO] Install Firebug in Firefox 4

The latest stable version of Firebug is 1.6 which is compatible with Firefox 3.x. If you have Firefox 4 as your default browser, you may be miss this extension. Firebug 1.7 is under development and the latest version available at the time of this writing is 1.7X.0a7. You can install it from Firebug 1.7 releases page. Note that it is still in alpha stage of development and may have several bugs.

[GUEST POST] Android and Windows Mobile – Choose One

Note: This is a guest post by one of the readers, Saksham.

Android is the most popular cell phone podium with quick expansion of market share and handsets through the OS being flaunted on the online. Android has appeared in a short instance, and successfully it has enter into the market. Windows Mobile has observed current renew and is frequently getting punched for being an old elegant phone podium. Have a look through the main aptitudes plus contrast Android to Windows Mobile at below

Android is frequently flaunted for its aptitude to dart many applications at the single time. It is a faultless understanding in row lots of tasks at similar time. The OS does an excellent job conduct the possessions every app requires as it is working, and it makes certain that any application going in the forefront finds the concentration it requires.

It is seldom stated in the push is that Windows Mobile is a superb multi-working podium. It’s maybe not stated since Windows Mobile has constantly been excellent at multi-working. The OS has no trouble with errands working in the setting.

Windows Mobile has been condemned about multi-working owing to the need of an application shut preference. Application doesn’t close by evasion when way out they tranquil scuttle in the setting. Android functions at the similar technique.

Windows Mobile has an immense benefit over Android in aspect of multi-working. And that is the OS handles consumer set up apps process. Windows Mobile lets them to be set up to each structure memory. This makes it potential to fix a limitless quantity of apps on a WinMo.

Available apps are the huge advantage on Windows mobile. We heard about more than 10,000 apps accessible in the Android sell. It is a benefit that the Android proposal has developed fast. Microsoft was tardy getting to the application layup sport with the Market just aperture its access. 10.000 Of apps by now are accessible for the Windows Mobile.

Android’s net surfer has been extensively applauded for being better than the newest Mobile Internet Explorer. Many sight this as a huge benefit for the Android. There are previously many excellent third-party servers for WinMo.

Opera mobile phone 10 is good from any cell phone browser available and it is free of charge for Windows phone users. For Android this benefit is not available. Many customers don’t expect their phones to mix with their desktop PC. They want an easy way to maintain the phone’s links, almanacs, and email in coordinate with their desktop setting. Windows Mobile succeeds in this situation. It is intended from the view up to add with both swap browsers in the business world with Outlook setting on the desktop.

Conversely, customers with desktop setting assemble about the Google cloud will undoubtedly get Android as better. The fitted customer support of Google checks as Gmail has developed progressively. Android is intended in addition with the Google cloud.

There are many advantages and disadvantages in the both mobile phone because everything you want can’t fulfill a mobile set. So at first you have to decide about your demand and then go for comparison.

Saksham works for Conversion rate Optimization Company Invesp and enjoys writing on SEO, landing pages, conversion optimization and affiliate marketing.

[HOWTO] Install Virtualbox on Linux Mint Julia with USB Support and Shared Folders

There are many Virtualization solutions that run on Linux and of course Linux Mint. Oracle Virtualbox is a virtualization software available for Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac, . It is available from the Linux Mint Julia Repositories and can be installed directly via Software Manager. However, if you install the open source version i.e. virtualbox-ose package, you will not be able to connect your USB devices and share folders between Guest and Host machines. File sharing can be set up in other ways, but if you wish to use one of your USB devices which has no Linux drivers, you may need to install Windows inside Virtualbox and connect your devices so that you can install drivers inside. In that case, you will need to install closed source edition of Virtualbox i.e. virtualbox-nonfree.

After you install virtualbox-nonfree, you will be able to run and install Guest operating systems inside. However, this version may nag you about updates being available. Linux Mint repositories will be updated regularly and you will be able to install latest version so you can disable the updates checking in Virtualbox>File>Preferences>Update.

[HOWTO] Reset 30 day trial period of Kaspersky Pure, Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and other products

Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purposes only. If you wish to use Kaspersky products for more than 30 days, you must buy them from Kaspersky. I (or anyone else except you) am not responsible for any harm done to your installation or OS or Computer using information on this site. You have been warned.

I am writing this for Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 v but it should work with other versions and other Kaspersky products; Kaspersky Pure, Kaspersky Antivirus 2011.

Safety Instructions
This guide may cause your installation to be unusable. Make backups while making changes so that you can revert to backups if something unusual happens.

No extra tools are required. Just make sure you have the installer handy as the process involves re-installation of Kaspersky Software in question. Make sure you have Internet connection active when you are following the guide. Trial activation requires internet connection.

Disable Self Defense
Kaspersky protects changes to its settings and files. Thus, Self Defense must be disabled before starting. Here is how:
How to disable self defense of KIS 2011
How to disable self defense of KIS 2010

Exit Kaspersky
Right click on the system tray icon and exit.

Remove Reports Directory
Reports directory is located in the following location if you are using Windows XP:

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP11\

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, here it is:

%SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP11\

The Reports directory probably contains reports of software. In addition it also contains information about the trial. So, remove it or move it to somewhere else. Don’t remove just the contents but the directory itself.

Remove Registry Keys
Kaspersky stores your license information in the following registry keys:


Delete these keys, all subkeys and values. Here are the commands that do the same:

REG delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\SPC /f
REG delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\LicStorage /f

Reinstall Kaspersky
Run the setup of Kaspersky and re-install. At the end of the setup, the application should ask to Activate the trial.

Kaspersky setup will ask for rebooting. Reboot and a new 30 days trial license should be active.

[HOWTO] Test your newly moved website before DNS update takes place

I recently moved some of my websites to new VPS. That requires DNS changes and I updated DNS on my domain registrar. I was not sure how my sites would adapt to new host and decided to test them. To do so, I changed hosts file such that the browser is pointed directly to new host instead of querying DNS server for the IP. Then I could browse my new site just fine after a few refreshes.

Lets take for example, the IP of your new hosting provider is You can find this in the Control Panel of the new host or by asking the support staff. Then, just open up your hosts file. On Linux systems, you will find your hosts file in /etc/hosts. You will need to open it in a text editor as root. On Windows XP, you can simply open up C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (assuming you have Windows installed in C:) in notepad. On Windows Vista/7, you will need to open notepad as Administrator (from the start menu, search for notepad and then Right Click>Run as Administrator) and then use File>Open to open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. Now, add the following lines to your hosts file:

Note: Use your IP, not this.

Then restart your browser. You can try refreshing but it may not work with some browsers. Now, when you open or, the one in your new hosting provider will load.

Hope this helps.

Thanks to Deepak Mittal for this tip.

[VIEW] Ubuntu 10.04 Title Bar Buttons stay on the Left with changed order

[ad#ad-1] Here is a comment from Mark Shuttleworth on the bug
[Master] Window Control buttons: position/order/alignment :

Thank you to everybody who has participated in this discussion.

The final decision on window controls for 10.04 LTS is as follows:

– the window controls will remain on the left, however
– the order will change to be (from left) close, minimize, maximise

The decision is based on the view that putting the close button in the corner will be most familiar to many users, even if the particular choice of corner is not.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is not a comment dependent on the date 🙂

Our intent is to encourage innovation, discussion, and design with the right of the window title bar. We have some ideas, and others are already springing up in the community. We welcome participation on the Ayatana list, where those can play out. This will be a fruitful topic for the design track at UDS in Brussels in May.

This bug is now marked wontfix. Please focus ongoing participation on the opportunities for innovation that this opens up. The decision as to the window controls location and order itself is now final, and as they say in the old newspapers, no further correspondence will be entered into.

My Opinion
I think the idea of moving the buttons (maximize, minimize, close) to the left side was not a good idea in the first place. It contradicts with the default layout of GNOME DE (and hence almost all other distributions using GNOME) and does not provide any value (as of now). Also, doing this starting from an LTS release was not a good idea at all. It is not difficult to adapt to the changes (I already have adapted to the latest mac like changes) for someone who uses Ubuntu as the only OS, but since Ubuntu is widely used in PCs, alongside Windows, it will be difficult for a user to use Windows and Ubuntu. It is easy to have another layout (just by switching to a different theme or following my older post), but still it is not a good out of the box experience.
The other thing that concerns me here is that Shuttleworth said “Ubuntu is not democracy” and trying to turn into next Steve Jobs. Ubuntu is by far, the most popular Linux distribution, but with steps like this, it could turn around very easily.

What do you think?