“Could not Open Install.Log File!” Problem Solved!!

You may have noticed a problem when uninstalling some programs, if you have Ntfs in Windows XP, Vista or 7, you are likely to face this problem. When you try to uninstall ’em from Add/Remove Programs List, they show a message “Could not Open Install.Log File!”. This problem is generally seen with “Wise Installation Wizard”. I have seen it only with “Wise Installation Wizard”. I don’t know if other installers give rise to same problem.

When you try to uninstall them from
Start Menu>>Programs>>%ProgramName%>>Uninstall
It again gives the same error.

This can be solved and the program can be un-installed without having to remove the directory, shortcuts and registry entries manually, which is really difficult and tiresome. I have found a solution to this problem and sharing with you all.

1. Open the directory where the program is installed. (Eg. For System Mechanic 5, By default, it is C:\Program Files\iolo\System Mechanic 5, if you have installed XP on C:\)
2. You will see a file named “Install.log” in there.
3. Move (cut and paste somewhere else) the “install.log” to say an empty new folder in desktop (first create a new folder and then paste the install.log into it).
4. Now, double click the un-installer (uninstall.exe or unwise.exe)
5. It will ask you to open the installation log. Locate to the “install.log” file on your desktop.
6. Now, uninstall will work fine and you can un-install the program.

Alternate Procedure
You can simply drag the install.log to unwise.exe or uninstall.exe and it should work.

This should solve your problem and the program should be uninstalled.

PS: This was originally posted at Thinkdigit Forums a few years back. Please view older comments in the original post.

Still Can’t uninstall?

  • pfftwhatev

    +1 worked fine!

  • Ivan Soria

    The first procedure worked like a charm. This leads me to ask why don’t the debug team implement a quick fix to add an exception that allows users to locate the install.log themselves if the program it self can not locate it?

  • Bob Bruschi

    unbelievable the damn hoops ya jump through just 2 get rid of crap the kids try out, this method works fine, but follow the steps carefully the wise .exc is in the same folder & when it comes up up have to browse for the new folder you put the install log in ( why they it that ?) from it’s box…

  • wapwap

    THANK YOU!!!! I was tearing my hair out not being able to uninstall MagicISO! Now i just have to go back to the other tuts I found to remove that remaining dll file. I emailed the devs when I first tried to uninstall and had no reply. Devs like this who don’t fix their massive mistakes or even reply to support users really are scum. This issue has been going on for YEARS as far as I can see and they don’t give a $%*&!

  • Helpful Colin

    Excellent! Ten out of ten!

    I’ve been using PC’s at home since 1997 and not known the answer to this problem. Fortunately it hasn’t occurred too often, but I have had to deal with removing programs that wouldn’t go away before. I’ve just upgraded to Windows 10 and realised, even before I upgraded, that I could no longer use this program with IE11 (more’s the pity). So as part of my clean up it had to go.

  • Pawel Ranewski

    Thanks much it helped, good luck.

  • Mayank Singh

    It was really helpful. I just moved the “install.log” file to a blank folder on desktop. Then I double clicked on “unwise.exe” .Then it asked for and add location for ‘install.log’ file. Then i browsed to that blank folder and opened that “install.log” file through that(unwise.exe) program. Then it asked a few things and then the program get uninstalled.

  • GT

    Worked great. thank you.

  • Bill Beob

    Thanks Helped alot

  • Simon

    Just an FYI for anyone, I followed the instructions and it didn’t work for me at first. I was clicking the Uninstall.exe icon and receiving the error we’ve all seen. There was another application in the folder called “undata.exe” and this actually launched the uninstall process and prompted me to locate the install.log I’d moved, uninstall was successful.

  • socialdiscard

    Old thread but this just helpedme. Thanks!

  • krishna prasad

    I’ve made a video on this please do check it out—->https://youtu.be/s_nMCmW_Hf0

  • Anthea

    Thanks, I needed this!
    I’ll be more careful with programs from now on.

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  • Emmanuel Rayas

    thanks men

  • Rafo Ponce

    Thanks! It worked for me

  • trueatheart

    fixed it for me…almost 9 years later.. with CoffeeCup HTML editor

  • Mark Heyerly

    Thank you for this, it’s hard to believe this is still relevant 10 years later!

  • Iron Scorpion

    Holy shit this helped me uninstall DAP

    Thx a lot

  • Luke

    Thanks Dude! It worked