“Could not Open Install.Log File!” Problem Solved!!

You may have noticed a problem when uninstalling some programs, if you have Ntfs in Windows XP, Vista or 7, you are likely to face this problem. When you try to uninstall ’em from Add/Remove Programs List, they show a message “Could not Open Install.Log File!”. This problem is generally seen with “Wise Installation Wizard”. I have seen it only with “Wise Installation Wizard”. I don’t know if other installers give rise to same problem.

When you try to uninstall them from
Start Menu>>Programs>>%ProgramName%>>Uninstall
It again gives the same error.

This can be solved and the program can be un-installed without having to remove the directory, shortcuts and registry entries manually, which is really difficult and tiresome. I have found a solution to this problem and sharing with you all.

1. Open the directory where the program is installed. (Eg. For System Mechanic 5, By default, it is C:\Program Files\iolo\System Mechanic 5, if you have installed XP on C:\)
2. You will see a file named “Install.log” in there.
3. Move (cut and paste somewhere else) the “install.log” to say an empty new folder in desktop (first create a new folder and then paste the install.log into it).
4. Now, double click the un-installer (uninstall.exe or unwise.exe)
5. It will ask you to open the installation log. Locate to the “install.log” file on your desktop.
6. Now, uninstall will work fine and you can un-install the program.

Alternate Procedure
You can simply drag the install.log to unwise.exe or uninstall.exe and it should work.

This should solve your problem and the program should be uninstalled.

PS: This was originally posted at Thinkdigit Forums a few years back. Please view older comments in the original post.

Still Can’t uninstall?

  • Ngamcdaff

    Thanks for your help.  Been trying to delete Smartdraw for ages and nothing worked til I found your solution.

  • Sam_samnasha

    madarchod gand maar raha hai saale sahi solution de na

    • maa ki chut sung le, sab problem solve ho jayega..


    Pay attention
    I have found a way
    1-You go to shortcut program you be unistall .. And then press the button Remot control  .. In REMOT CONTROL Press  (open file location)2-When opening the file .. copy…… The rest you’ll see in this site:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuXTpyxsUFI

    • Frank Zimmerman

      Atem – That worked, when every other way listed above failed! Moving the UNINSTALL.EXE to the Desktop instead of the INSTALL.LOG file. Moving the INSTALL.LOG file did not work for me, it never prompted for the location but still said “Can’t open INSTALL.LOG file”. But moving the UNINSTALL.EXE to the Desktop and running that, worked perfectly. Thanks!

  • Heybabe1371

    I’ve had heaps of issues trying to remove SmartDraw from my computer, your instructions, that i ‘found’ online were the only ones that worked!!!

  • Alek2tl

    There is no install log in there!! please help!!!!

    • Apzaza8

      i had this problem too until well…the simple solution is to go to C driver–> program files–> and to just delete the program file,after when you go to start–>control panel–> add or remove program, to uninstall the program it will be much easier :))

  • FlorinSalam

    Thanks alot

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    this was really good!!! thanks! 

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    you saved me, great job. THANK YOU!

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    thanks! worked for me 🙂

  • Donut_1989

    thanks! worked for me 🙂

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    Brilliant! Thank you

  • Pam Falcioni

    Thank you so much – easy fix for a frustrating problem!

  • FenGlow

    Thanks!  Phew! 
    Dragging the install.log to uninstall.exe worked perfectly for me. 

  • magic-online

    thanks !!!

  • Michael Bacon

     All I did was remove the INSTALL.LOG file and it worked.

  • Rob

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I’ve been trying to get rid of an annoying Amazing Photo Editor program forever and this worked

  • Guest

    Wrong mate. The correct syntax is “C:Program FilesUNWISE.EXE” /Z/S “C:Program FilesINSTALL.LOG”

    This will run the uninstall in automatic/silent mode. Cheers.

  • Rajiv

    Thanks it really worked !!!!:-)

  • Kuruminiya

    its worked. thanks….

  • Lito

     how to delete program in drive c? right click?

  • Mojobaby0

    WooooooHOOOOOOO!!! Thank you so much for your advice!  I finally have all those demo games that my son has tried off my computer!!!! Thank you!  

  • Ianjdb

    to those facing like this problem all you have to do is click start then type regedit click the upper folder and find chikka messenger v4 and delete it…

  • Juliejohns

    Thank you so much i tried it and it worked so fast

  • Dheerajgajjar1993

    but there is no install.log file in the installed directory

  • Great solution! Thanks! 🙂

  • Juan

    It works great, i didn´t know this way to solve the problem, it´s quick and easy. thanks

  • deedles

    well i have to say that this has not yet worked for me and in none of the programs im trying to uninstall and or remove from my windows 7 notebook do i find the install.log file and i have searched through my whole system done the reinstall to uninstall and still no log file…. i have to say that this is the only system i have ever used that has been totally messed up and so not put together right. so if anyone has some other suggestions please post em

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    I love you!!! 😀 thx alot! I´l never install Rhino crap again

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    Worked for me perfectly, thanks!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Smith

    I’m kinda old fashioned, when a program gives me trouble like that I go the trusty C: prompt and delete it in its own Directory.

  • rod

    that worked thank you

  • your procedure works, becareful to avoid hack solutions like Apzaza8 is advocating because all sorts of framgents files will be left everywhere. This is a perfect solution to the install log not being read….I have no reason why the file is not read….but this original solution works.

  • Raj

    I voted up on Nirmraj 40 times. Nice glitch

  • Darkmatter09

    I downloaded Star Downloader and now it seems that I cannot uninstall it. I went into the program file and looked for the install.log but there isn’t one there. Any suggestions??

  • Lander7

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    it’s work for me to uninstall ACDsee thanks..

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