• admin

    The page has been updated with new User Interface.

  • yo chai bro le babal garnu vayo. +10 re ke hehehe

  • Anynomous

    Great work Friend.

  • prateek

    Bro how to download photos from cybersansar
    it is too complicated in this new version so it would be great help if you have listed the procedure…..

  • Jkahs

    u can do using paint… just do PRINT SCREEN IN Ur keyboard and paste in paint and crop the image.. so simple./ to save cybersansar phototo

    • Yeah, but this tool helps bulk download in original quality. 😀

      However, currently, it seems to be broken. I will work on a fix soon.

  • funtimes

    Ok guys i have created the downloader. It’s at http://funtimes.webatu.com/cyber_download_current_dir.pl.tar.gz . See http://funtimes.webatu.com/ for more instructions on how to change the file. Enjoy. Cheers!!!!

  • javadai

    This is even simpler method. Just drag and drop the image from website to any folder or your computer’s desktop. Moj Gara