I-doser is a brainwave synchronization entertainment software which uses binural brainwave technology. Depending on the DRG doses, it may give meditative, hallucinative or other experience.

I-doser uses proprietary DRG file format which can be played in I-doser. However, I-doser uses open source program called sbagen for playing SBG files. DRG files can be converted into SBG files using the following tool so that they can be played with Sbagen.

Select DRG File:

to upload the file and start conversion!

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  • New Guest


  • Guest

    conversion failed.

    • Thank you for letting me know. I fixed it.

  • Guest

    Thank you very much! I used it, and thought it is wondertul converter! Thank you for making it.

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  • Tulao12


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  • panda

    i cant seem to copy shit…

  • Valcifer

    you should totally make a downloadable version for when internet is down

  • Maxx

    Yeah, make a downloadable program for it

  • conversion isn’t working for some reason >.<
    i keep clicking the "press" button and NOTHING happens. it just refreshes the page. RAWR! lol

    • Apparently, there is some problem with the host currently. Please try again later.

  • Xxmusic Junkiexx99

    Do you have to unzip the files b4 you convert them?

  • Guest

    After the conversion the majority of code for i doser is weak. Users are better off writing their own code for Sbagen.

  • Guest

    I haven’t used the i-Doser application anymore since this. Thanks, mate!

  • kbaez11

    Good Shit man u should def make a downloadable version of the program

  • The Palmtop Tiger

    Is there any way to do this in batches?

    • Hi, I will add batches support to this when I have time.

  • Guest

    you should make a sag to wav converter to make everything easier

  • Casey

    i keep converting, but it all saves as p.www.khattam.info and they won’t play.
    fix please, it could only convert one file.

  • Casey

    i keep converting, but it all saves as p.www.khattam.info and they won’t play.
    fix please, it could only convert one file.

  • Guest

    Thank you so much, i was redirected on your page . Now i’ve got every .wav i’ve wanted! ♥

  • Delacruzable

    Where do all converted files save to?

  • ndino

    You should make it to where you can download/convert multiple files at once

    • Jacob J


  • Kale_52

    so i get the .DRG files but wont let me convert it keeps saying windows cant open file withought knowing what program to use

  • Jacob J

    Please make it handle bathes of files!

  • Dylbotticus

    This is fantastic.

    Someone should design and sbg player, something like a simple version of the I-doser player that isn’t shit.

    I’ll be using drg’s as sbg files from now on thanks to you!

    I can also use the files that kept giving me unhanded exception errors.

    Thank you!

  • Bade

    where does it save the file

    • Your browser’s default save location. Maybe my documents. You can try searching for it.

  • Anonymous

    I-Doser fall into one
    of three categories: Susceptible to Binaural beats, Originally Unsceptible to
    Binaural beats and Immune to Bainaural beats. 

  • Gerardo

    Very Good, excellent page – Muy Bueno, Ecelente página

  • Kralj

    can u make a sbg to drg converter? pls

  • Ngo_numba10

    Get High Legally

    With I-Doser Brand Digital Drug Simulations you can achieve a simulated mood or experience and get the feeling of high. We have hundreds of selections of the most popular digital drugs on the market today. We are the leader in Binaural Brainwave Doses.

  • Ngo_numba10
  • Nova

    Great program, but it’s really annoying having to do them one at a time >_<

  • Hand Hanzo

    Please update DRG author. I run Windows 7 Home Premium and not only do the images scramble when I load a DRG, but I am unable to make a DRG, which is the whole purpose of the program. Whenever I try to save (and I do everything else right!) it gives me this bullshit about “Run-time Error 6: Overflow” Ay yo what the actual? I wanna be able to queue my own mind-blowing doses with all the rest in the I-Doser program!

  • lil monster

    add batch support

  • Lando C

    This is awesome! Finally I get to know the frequencies idoser uses! thanks

  • Tatatofly

    Thanks Man! You sure are the Guru

  • Totyz


  • This is excellent content! I am highly impressed by your format and presentation of your views. I agree with you on most of your information.

  • thecopycat

    do you know of any programs that convert the files all at once?

  • Gracias!!!!!