[HOWTO] Bring back “Network”, “Services”, “Time and Date” and “Users and Groups” in Gnome Menu

If you have installed your system via netinstall or by selecting packages one by one, or if you somehow removed some gnome packages, you may be missing some menu items. I noticed that I did not have some entries in System>Administration menu, namely, “Network”, “Services”, “Time and Date” and “Users and Groups”. I tried to search for them in Synaptic and Apt-file but failed to locate the exact package. So, I did some hit and trial and found the package was “gnome-system-tools”. I just installed it via synaptic and the menu entries were back.

  • Wasabi

    Thank you very much for your HOWTO!

    If you go into Advanced Settings, you can change the Home directory. This was something I searched a lot for but only found terminal commands.

    Hey, can I ask “What desktop are you using?” – I have been looking for a few things for (Linux) Ubuntu which I can’t find such as:

    A good Text Editor with CSV, Regex & Unicode support
    RSS Desktop or Screensaver
    Schedule Invoicer

    • Hi Wasabi,
      I’m currently using Debian with Gnome.
      I am using Geany IDE as my default text editor and C/PHP IDE. It is lightweight and appropriate for text editing. You can also use gedit plugins (install from Software Center) and add features to the default text editor.

      You may be interested in Gnucash, the best personal finance manager, which has invoicing. But I’m not sure what you are looking for.

      You can use screenlets for RSS desktop.