[HOWTO] Disable conky minimization on Show Desktop

If you have conky installed, then by default when you click on Show Desktop icon on your panel, conky also gets minimized. You can bring it back by clicking it again, but that does not work if you open another window or selectively maximize/restore a window(s). Also, when you click on the Desktop after activating scale, then conky is lost. In both of these cases, the conky process keeps running, however it cannot be brought back. You must terminate it and run conky again.

However, if you just disable “Hide Skip Taskbar Windows” under General Settings in Compiz-config-settings-manager (ccsm), then conky will not be minimized if you press Show Desktop icon and it will not get lost if you click the Desktop after scale plugin is activated.

Hope this helps.

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  • Drdre

    it works!! thanks a lot

  • DSpider

    Actually I think you can add “own_window_type desktop” above the TEXT line in your ~/.conkyrc and it will replace the “normal” attribute (run xprop and point it at conky).

    You can also add it as a panel instead of “desktop” and it will stay on top.

    • wollac11

      This works for stopping conky being hidden when “showing the desktop” but when you click anywhere the desktop, it will still hide. If you use “override” instead of “desktop” as the type it will not get hidden in either scenario. So basically I added “own_window_type override” under Window specifications instead of “own_window_type desktop” or “own_window_type normal”

      • Gil

        Thank you very much…. you solved my problem. Greeting from Portugal!

  • thanks 😀 it works 😀

  • wandi_lin

    really works. thanks!

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  • Jordi magnasco

    thank you soooooo muchh 😀