[HOWTO] Getting Started with J2ME on Ubuntu Karmic Koala with Netbeans

[ad#ad-1]I want to build my college project on J2ME platform. I use Ubuntu and want to use NetBeans as my IDE.

I just installed netbeans, Sun Java Wireless Toolkit for CLDC and Mobility pack for netbeans. Here is how I did it.

I opened up Synaptic and installed netbeans. It installed openjdk as Java Development Kit. You may choose to install sun-java6-jdk instead. It should run fine (maybe better).

Now, when netbeans was installed, I downloaded Sun Java Wireless Toolkit CLDC from sun website. As it has a text based installer, I had to install it via terminal. Opened up the terminal and then changed the directory to where I downloaded the .sh file. Then ran it as sudo sh downloaded_file_name.sh. It asks a few questions such as path to JDK etc.

Then, I launched netbeans and then navigated through Tools>Plugins. In the available plugins tab, I just sorted by category and installed both packages (Mobility and Mobile Web) packages.Then I restarted netbeans and then navigated through Tools>Java Platforms. Then I selected Java ME MIDP Emulator and browsed for path where I had installed Sun Java Wireless Toolkit for CLDC.

Then I restarted netbeans again. Now I was able to create J2ME projects. While doing so, I had to select the directory where I installed the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit for CLDC.

I successfully ran the Hello World project inside the emulator.

Thank you for reading. Wish me luck for the project.


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  • Hey good luck for your project…

    Hey could you write more posts regarding your work on j2me…. i am also planning for some application on it…

    • admin

      Thank you. I will surely do if I get enough time.