[HOWTO] Hack/Cheat Cricket Master Blaster on Facebook

I’ve been lately addicted to a facebook game called Cricket Master Blaster. It is a nice game.

There is a feature which allows players to send challanges to their friends. If someone sends you such a challange, you may want to win the challange by retrying again and again, but that is not allowed. You are allowed to accept only once and you have to make it the first time. However, the following hack will help you.
Adblock Plus Extension

Launch Firefox, login to Facebook and open up Cricket Master Blaster http://apps.facebook.com/masterblaster/. Then view the challanges. Now, with the challanges window open, Bring up Blockable Items from Adblock Plus menu (generally at the top right corner of Firefox) and look for something like If the IP is the same there, goto Adblock Plus menu and under preferences, add* as a filter. Now, keep the Adblock Plus enabled, accept challanges and play on.

If you won the challange, you can disable Adblock Plus and simply submit the score.

If you lose however, keep the Adblock Plus blocked, refresh (reload) the page and then Disable Adblock Plus. Then refresh again. Now, all you need to do is accept challange, enable Adblock Plus and play on. You can try this over and over again untill you win. After you win, disable Adblock Plus and then Submit score.

This hack works as of taday Jan 6, 2010. Hope you found this before they managed to fix it.
Happy Gaming.

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  • shaz

    dude i have a glitch this is not hack but if u wanna hit six on every ball just start game dont do anything and right click and then click forword it will hit six this works for everyone try it 🙂

    • admin

      I don’t think that will work shaz. Are you sure it does? Coz when you right click, you get the Flash Menu.

  • noman

    how to hit the ball for a six close o offstump..any idea

  • manoj

    how to hit the ball for a six close o offstump..any idea

  • hey i had found a flaw in the game.Even though it has been repaired. If you right clicked and clicked forward once the batsman had loaded then you hit a 6 run.But they seem to have updated their flash tech. But still it was a very easy flaw that i had exploited…. and it was fun as well…

  • Kaushik

    Arent there any cheats in this game????

  • i think that there is no cheat

  • this very good

  • hi,

    the forward trick was working fine before.but it has been fixed by the master blaster staff.

  • mahad

    Hey How to Hit six on the close off ball ??? plx can any 1 tell

    • Omerdon123

      hit the ball faster or wait till the ball bounce one time then hit
      it would be a four or a six 

  • Omair

    Hey there is no option like Forward I want Shaz to tell me how to do it as ScoRpion Says I also think they have updatad their Flash player>>!!!

  • Abdul Elah

    when u start game , they will give u the tutorial for the game. dont press anything just press up,right,down,left then spacebar and the game automatically starts and then every second u get 1 run.

  • maurya

    it dusen work!!!!!!!!!11abdul

  • Khurram

    can n e one tell me how to hit a six on the ball close to off stump!!?

  • thilaz

    how to hit ta da ball which is near da offstump??????//


    when i right click on the master blaster screen not show me the forward option just showing the settings & about flash player this cheat isn`t working tell me

  • Hey! Anybody can tell me is there any game in which the batman/bowler can play according to there ratings?

  • jhoot sub jhoot choru insaan kuch aata waata hai nahi a gay cheat bataney

    • LOL.. Please look at the date of the post. The game must have been updated several times since and they must have fixed this flaw if it is not working any longer :D.

    • Husnain Jatt

      well said

  • Samara

    there is no forward option…

  • Ashir_pk

    ghoota koi cheat nahin hai hmmm

    • Achhi tarah se padha karo yaar: “This hack works as of taday Jan 6, 2010.”

      Now, they have fixed the flaw. 🙂