[HOWTO] Install easy_install and pip in Python 3 (Windows)

I am just starting with Python 3 on Windows and I wanted to install easy_install and/or pip for installing other available packages easily. However, I found that setuptools setup for Python 3.3.2 (the version I am using) is not available.

I discovered distribute, a fork of setuptools, which provides easy_install. I downloaded source from Python Package page for distribute and extracted it. In the elevated command prompt (cmd->Run as Administrator), I changed to extracted directory and then ran distribute_setup.py. Then, easy_install was successfully installed in Python_Directory\Scripts. Then, I could install pip by changing directory to Scripts and running the following:

easy_install pip

Hope this helps.

  • jbeja

    Fantastic you help me alot

  • Eduardo Farias

    I used this tip to install sphinx and work in translation of the pythondoc to Portuguese, thanks!

  • kalle

    thanks a lot!

  • Leonardo Y

    I dont know what you mean by “changed extracted directory “, the path and the system variables? Would really appreciate some help.

    Leonardo Y


    • cd to that directory. For example, if you extracted to C:UsersLeonardoDesktop, run
      cd C:UsersLeonardoDesktop

      That’s it.

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  • Joe

    thank you!

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  • It works to install openpyxl. Thank you… =)

  • Paul Lau

    Thank YOU!!

  • Thanks for the info!

  • ibm360

    thank you very much!!! 灰常感谢!!!

  • Claudio Pérez

    thanks, it worked!

  • JaN CaRLo


  • Roshni

    it says –
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    What to do? Please help