[HOWTO] Install Greasemonkey Firefox Addon in Firefox 4

I have installed Firefox 4 in my Debian Testing installation from Launchpad PPA. It is quite stable and I have decided to use it instead of Firefox 3. Most of the addons I used is compatible with Firefox 4 by now. However, the version of Greasemonkey available in Mozilla Firefox Addons Site is not compatible with Mozilla Firefox v4 latest build. To install the latest nightly build of Greasemonkey, I went to Greasemonkey Nightly Download and installed it. However Greasefire is not available, we can install userscripts directly from Userscripts website for now.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, thanks!

  • Guest

    How ?! if i click install i only get the plain text of the script :/

    • Maybe problem with the current nightly.. try remobing that and try older ones.. they may work for you.