[HOWTO]Install Linux Mint menu in Ubuntu

[ad#ad-1]Here is how I installed Linux Mint Menu in Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. I downloaded the following packages from the Linux Mint Repo which can be found here:
These are the packages (current versions at the time of writing, I recommend you download them from the repository than from these links):

For my 64-bit version (amd64), the mint-info package is:

For 32-bit, it may be different. Try:

Now, install one by one in the following order:

After the installation is done, right click on the panel and select Add to Panel. Then find mintmenu and add. To change the icon, right click on the menu and click on Preferences and then in the Button Icon, put in the full path to custom icon. You may want to put in /usr/share/icons/Human/22×22/places/start-here.png

Please share your results.

  • I wanted to use CNTLM proxy so that I can browse internet and download packages for my linux box behind firewall.

    Any idea ??

    Samundra, KEC

  • admin

    ^Please ask your questions in Ubuntu forums. There are many knowledegible people who might want to help.

    Personally, I do not know what you are talking about as I have never encountered a CNTLM proxy.

    Thank you for considering me though.

  • dedy

    hello would you like to help me, i run demo from linuxmint7, there are something problem with my screen, my screen became blank give me a solution before linuxmint7 installed, thank you

  • vamc

    Hi! I, along with a couple of friends, am doing a project for a ‘techfest” which is about an operating system which can run on any low configured system (say: 512 MB RAM and about 40 GB HDD). Its a derivative of Ubuntu 9.10. We are searching for a means to replace the Gnome menu with Mint’s when we happened to come across your blog. We tried it your way and the result is the dependencies are circular and we could not find one particular package because of which we were not able to install the mint menu. The other way of installing it is adding Mint’s repositories to Synaptic and reloading the list. It is less complicated than manually downloading the packages (Its what we feel ;D).

    P.S. Any ways to make ubuntu light are welcomed. If you know any, please donot hesitate to mail me the particulars.

  • Petr

    I followed this Howto to install mint menu. Menu works fine, but few days later I found that Software Sources application(System-Administration-Sofware Sources or MintMenu-ControlCenter-Sofware Sources) does not work anymore.. Does this affect your system same way?

  • teique

    you can add this repository to your synaptic:
    deb http://packages.linuxmint.com/ helena main upstream import backport

    and you will have also to run this command
    $ sudo apt-get install linuxmint-keyring

    after that you can install mintmenu thru synaptic!

    I found this info here: http://www.vivaolinux.com.br/dica/Mintmenu-no-Ubuntu-Karmic-Koala?

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  • Zen

    I am also trying to find a way to install the Mint menu on my Ubuntu 10.04 desktop. Would this method you used here still work for the current version of Ubuntu?

    Also another problem. How do I take that Ubuntu menu out at the top left corner? I don’t want 2 menus on my desktop. 😀


  • Murali

    Cool, the steps listed worked without any issues. Did this on Ubuntu 10.10, complained about missing cowsay, fortune etc, i was not keen on those pkg so continued further and added menu and everything works fine. You can also add mint-search, that way we can get search to work as well in the menu.