Listen to Nepali FM Radios Online (Kantipur FM, Hits FM, Maitri FM, Nepal FM, Ujyalo FM)

[ad#ad-1]If you are outside of the country or somewhere where you cannot listen to these FMs or simply want to waste your bandwidth, you can listen to them online, LIVE.

Here you will find links to Kantipur FM, Hits FM, Maitri FM, Nepal FM and Ujyalo FM: (fixed)


However, you may like to listen to them with your favourite media player (VLC, what else). This can be possible if you have VLC installed. You will just need to download this small file and extract it somewhere. Then you may open those with VLC and listen to them.

In Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope, I was unable to listen to Kantipur FM from their site, but am able to play the pls with VLC and Totem Media Player.


Goto FM Page at: