[SOLVED] DSL PPPoE not able to Connect in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

[ad#ad-1] I used to connect to PPPoE connections in Kubuntu with knet. Recently, I moved to Ubuntu to find out that Network Manager was unable to connect to DSL. However, it can be achieved using pppoeconf or knet, I wanted to use Network Manager. I figured out that it was a problem with the final release itself when I visited the forums (I had installed Ubuntu Karmic Koala Alpha 4 and then upgraded as new packages came in).

The newer version of Network Manager did not have this problem but it is still not available on the main repos at the time of writing this post. There is a ppa however, which helped me. It contained updated version of the package which is https://launchpad.net/~network-manager/+archive/trunk.

You need to connect using pppoeconf to download latest updates. Here is how you do it in the terminal:
sudo pppoeconf
Now, follow the instructions and put in your connection details. Leave the default values if you are not sure. However, don’t forget to put in your username and password.
To connect, simply use:
sudo pon dsl-provider
To disconnect, use
sudo poff -a

Now, once you are connected, open up synaptic and in Settings>Repositories>Other Software Tab, click on Add and then type in the following in the apt line:
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/network-manager/trunk/ubuntu karmic main
Again, click on Add and type in the following
deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/network-manager/trunk/ubuntu karmic main

Now, close Software Sources box and click on Reload in Synaptic. Now, mark all upgrades and Apply and when the updates are installed, newer version of Network Manager is installed too and you must be able to connect, unless of course there are new bugs which do not let you connect.


Hope this was helpful.

UPDATE – DEC 3 2009: If you get a “device not managed” in Network Manager, you will need to do the following:
Open /etc/network/interfaces as root and comment or remove all the lines except the two with lo. To do so, Alt+F2 and type in gksu gedit /etc/network/interfaces and then add # in front of all other lines except ones containing lo. Then restart and your Network Manager should work fine. This happens if you have configured your connection with pppoeconf.

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  • ethnopunk
    • admin

      Try reloading again.

  • saquerocl

    Excelente! Gracias por la solución, realmente la necesitaba. Aunque pppoeconf y pon funcionan bien, no hay como una elegante conexión por network manager.

    Excelent! Thanks for solution, I was really needing that. But pppoeconf and pon was good, there is nothin like the elegant network-manager way!

    Thanks very much! (and sorry my english)

  • guachinango

    this fix works for mint 8 helena?

    • admin

      Should do.

  • Kleinerwolf


    if works.

  • ethnopunk

    I also had this problem. Set up with pppoeconf. Edited the network/interfaces. It now shows device as managed. However, if I try to edit the connection with NM, it says insufficient privileges. I am logged in as primary user.

  • Andrei

    hello. the problem is that i cannot connect after i write the sudo pppoeconf so i can’t update network manager. i don’t understand why i must update the network manager if i can connect to the internet with sudo pppoeconf in the first place [like u said in the instructions]. this is my problem, i cannot connect to the internet, not even with the pppoeconf, so how can i update the network manager if i don;t have a connection? and if i do have one, what’s the point in updating the manager?

    • admin

      The network manager that came with Karmic (at the time I worte the blog post) seemed to have some issues. I don’t know if they still exist in the latest version of karmic. So I had to fix the problem by installing the latest version of Network manager from development repo. That did solve my problem.

      Anyways, any error messages you encountered when you tried pppoeconf and pon?

  • circletide

    Amazing! This was unbelievably frustrating, would have been a karmic killer, but your post solved it perfectly. Thanks so much!

  • ganbolor

    thx. 🙂 very important.

  • umar

    this steps work for me

    I have seen many people having a hard time setting up PPPoE on ubuntu and I have decided to write a simple guide towards it.

    There is an inbuilt tool in ubuntu called pppoeconf which helps us to setup our PPPoE. To use this, open Terminal and write ‘sudo pppoeconf’ and follow the instructions. In case this does not work or you use an access concentrator, use the following method…

    1) Go to System –> Administration –> Synaptic Package Manager
    2) Check whether build-essential package is installed. If it is not, install it using the ubuntu CD/DVD.
    3) Since you do not have internet access on ubuntu, use your alternate OS or your friend’s PC to download http://www.roaringpenguin.com/files/…poe-3.8.tar.gz

    4) Open it with ubuntu’s archive manager and extract the folder within to your desktop
    5) There will be a file within the folder known as ./go. Open Applications –> Accessories –> Terminal. Write sudo and drag and drop the file in the terminal and press enter. If all goes well RP-PPPoE would be installed successfully.
    Provide all the details RP-PPPoE setup requires.

    6) Type sudo pppoe-start in the terminal to bring up the connection and sudo pppoe-stop to shut the connection.
    7) If you want to bring up the connection at boot time, you will have to edit the rc.local file. Open the Terminal and type sudo gedit /etc/rc.local. Insert the line pppoe-start just before exit and save the file. Done.

    Note: If your ISP requires an access concentrator and a service name, you will have to edit the pppoe.conf file in the following manner.

    Type this in the terminal…
    ‘sudo pppoe -A’
    Note down your desired Access Concentrator and Service Name.

    ‘sudo gedit /etc/ppp/pppoe.conf’
    There you will find ACNAME= and SERVICENAME=
    Edit them as per your requirement. Save and exit.

    • admin

      Nice info umar. Thanks.

    • Chncho07

      So kind you are!!!I’m just looking for this

  • Regis

    It works ! Thanks. After reboot you have to go to network manager modifications, DSL, add a new connexion and you tip your Id and password.

  • The same here…. just followed the recipe as you described and worked like a charm… thanks a lot.
    The only problem is that you only discover this kind of thing (Network Manager bug) when you need it the most (my case, for instance, I always use wifi, but had to use pppoe while travelling in China – good I had naother computer to follow up this site, hehe).

  • Jens

    HI There,

    Thanks for the guide. I’ve had problem getting pppoe to work on my new laptop with ubuntu 9.10. It still only works with pppoeconf and tt’s still kind of dodgy, sometimes loosing the connection unexpectedly and not allowing me to reconnect.

    So i got the newest version, following your guide, it’s definitely still never than the standard ubuntu version ’cause it’s complety translated to my current language setting (danish) which it wasn’t before.

    However i still can’t get DSL pane to work. I can enter my pppoe settings just fine (analog to what i type in pppoeconf), but it seems to have absolutely no effect what so ever. My isp doesn’t requires the password to be left blank. Maybe this causes problems. Also where do you specify what ethernet/wlan interface to use? With pppoeconf it searches for an accesspoint on the selected interface (or all interfaces if none is specified) a forehand. Is there a guide or example somewhere that you know about?
    (i know it’s supposed to be easier, but really it isn’t – especially since theres no explicit activation button – very annoying)

    Anyway, thankyou for any input you might have.

  • Jens

    … figured out my problem.. NetworkManager pppoe only works with wired connections … thats total bs! pppoeconf doesn’t care why should network manager

  • David

    It worked fine until the last upgrade proposed by the system and then NM 0.8.1 stop working… but now I don’t know what to do… (all the previous think already done…)

  • David

    …actually I refers above to the network-manager 0.8.1~beta1~git.20100531t133213.12d2664-0ubuntu1~nmt1~karmic version of https://launchpad.net/~network-manager/+archive/trunk , updated lately on 2010-06-01.

    The older (and working version) is no more donwloadable, as far as I see…

  • piyush

    the link http://www.roaringpenguin.com/files/…poe-3.8.tar.gz is broken..Plz give some other link to download the same file….

  • Jitsuzan

    Thanks for your update!
    Helped me to fix my pppoeconf vs. network-manager in Mint-Debian-Edition.