[SOLVED] Failed installing Samsung Mobile MTP Device Error code 10: This device cannot start

While trying to connect Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on Windows 7 64bit PC with Kies installed, the device driver installation failed and it showed “The device cannot start” in Device Manager. While searching for a fix, I found a XDA developer forum post offering a solution for this issue however, the fix didn’t work but thanks to the thread, I finally managed to get it working. I’m sorry but I don’t know how it works and why it works and the procedure involves editing registry so proceed with caution. Having said that, here is what you can do to get it to work.

Before continuing with the procedure, make sure you have the latest drivers for Samsung device. To do that, connect your device, wait for it to fail and then open Windows Update and click Check for Updates. If you find any Samsung driver update, install it and restart if you have to.

Here is the process:
1. Open Registry editor (regedit.exe)
2. Navigate to the following key and perform a backup by right clicking on it and selecting Export and save anywhere:

This step is a safety measure. You can restore the settings by double clicking the reg file if something goes wrong.
3. Now, under Class, find the following keys and look for UpperFilters on the right pane:

If you find UpperFilters, just right click on it and select Delete to delete it.

Remember to do it for both keys i.e. {36FC9E60-C465-11CF-8056-444553540000} and {EEC5AD98-8080-425f-922A-DABF3DE3F69A}.
4. Now, disconnect your phone if you have it connected and try reconnecting.

Hope it works for you too. If it doesn’t or if you mess something up, you might want to start looking for a cheap Office for Mac 2016 and convert (just kidding!!) , you may want to restore your registry by double clicking the reg file backed up in step 2 and look for some other solution. Best of luck.

  • Gökhan Kurt

    This works
    no filter for second key though

  • Hrishee

    Thank you dear. worked fantastically. Genius U R

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  • Carl

    Wow this worked so well in Windows 7 32bit OS. Great job

  • John Doe

    I found 9 keys with “UpperFilters”. Do I delete it from all 9 keys?

  • Navaro Aapep

    I deleted two ‘upperfilter’ s and it doesn;t work either. My system XP SP3.

  • Philip Chavez

    I just deleted the upper file on Reg. {EEC5AD98-8080-425f-922A-DABF3DE3F69A}. because the other did not have a upper file once I did I could update windows 10 again. Thank you so much….

  • kamyoncu

    finally, it worked! thanks a lot, you saved my phone and also my girlfriend’s tablet.

  • Amine

    It works on win 7 pro 32 bits, And samsung s3 mini
    Thx a lot

  • Caliente

    I rooted my phone (Galaxy S4) and I downloaded titanium backup and erased all my system files, now when I turn on my phone,it only shows Samsung startup window, and when I turn it off, it only restart again. I tried to connect my phone to PC and I tried almost all of this and nothing worked for me. Is there any help for my phone? Please help!!

    • Mick

      LOL Dumbass. You erased your operating system and your here asking for help about a driver connection issue? You can’t even fix that with a factory reset. Yeah just go poking around and randomly erase system files. LOL That’s hilarious.

  • Xiphos

    Many Thanks………

    Works for my LG G3 in Windows Vista.

  • adil

    it works for me dude thank you very much it solved my problem!!!!!

  • Ichbin EsNicht

    My USB Connection worked fine for years and now suddenly I have the same problem. I have to do the follwing (until I find a fix): When I connect my phone, the “Installing Driver” message comes up. I wait a couple of seonds until the device manager shows that the devoce is working, then I just hit close on the install message and it workes fine. I have to do this every time I connect the phone 🙁

  • mohseen

    thanks a lot it works…i deleted all the upperfilter keys..thank you so much

  • mohseen

    this is the only solution on internet

  • AHMED Aziz

    WORKING Great
    Thank You Very Much

  • BigJoe

    I didn’t see upper filters as well so I deleted them as lower filters and worked perfectly 😉 Big thanks

  • Thank you, I have recently been searching for information about this topic for

  • Anil Kumar

    sir i have try but there the second key (EEC5AD98-8080-425f-922A-DABF3DE3F69A) is not there so how to do ow

  • Speed Bump

    Messed with the registry mentioned everywhere. No connection at all nothing fixed. Disconnected the phone. Deleted the MPT driver, put the phone in airplane mode, connected USB. Automatically installed driver and all works perfectly. S5 Active, W7 U SP1 x64