[SOLVED] “Indicator Applet Complete” has quit unexpectedly

UPDATE: This has been fixed in yesterday’s update.

I’m using Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Alpha. The indicator-sound applet was recently updated to version 0.3.9 and every time a track changes, the following error shows up:

“Indicator Applet Complete” has quit unexpectedly

If you reload a panel object, it will automatically be added back to the panel.

A bug report has been filed here and hopefully gets fixed in the next release. However, I have temporarily fixed the issue for now by downgrading to indicator-sound v3.8. I could not find the version online but I could find it in my package cache by the following command:

find /var/cache/apt/archives| grep -i indicator-sound

I just installed the last version by running the following:

sudo dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/indicator-sound_0.3.8-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb

If you don’t have that version, slightly older version should do just fine.

  • Anonymous

    Hi All,

    Please reopen this bug. It occurs on my new installation of Linux Mint 10 every time I boot up.

    Selecting the option to reactivate the menu (yes) DOES work… but it is only a temporary fix until the next time I boot up again.

    I installed the 32 bit version of Mint 10 which is probably why it does not work.

    Another note which may help.

    I got a message after a autoclean complaining about:

    amavisd-new-postfix package

    so I used this command to remove it:

    sudo apt remove amavisd-new-postfix
    (prompted for install password)

    I don’t know if this is related or not so I thought I would play it safe and mention it.

    Also the FAQ or on-line manual for Mint 10 states that the Mint 10 installation comes with user:

    mint and a blank password (e.g. just press enter). This is a damn lie, folks. 🙂 There is no mint user on my Mint 10 installation which was made from a mint 10 live dvd downloaded on 23 December 2010 from the official mint 10 website.

    There IS an admin user which is NOT enabled by default. Also there is NO guest user account.

    Best Regards and Wishing One and All a Very Merry Christmas.
    Peter { pew }

    ps. Mint 10 installed and rebooted in 38 minutes and claims to have the video and audio codecs already installed. Sound works and video not tested by me yet. Internet works fine.

    pps This compares excellently with me trying from Sunday to Thursday to install Windows XP SP2 and Sp3 and I had an extremely unstable Windows XP Profressional with SP3 and NO Audio and Video Codecs and NO internet working and no way of getting them except to boot with a very reliable Linux version (many to choose from) and download them. I decide that I was fed up with the crapola from Microsoft and 20+ years of broken promises.

    Yours sincerely,
    Peter E Williams / pew
    Newbie Mint 10 user and very very happy with the excellent work of Mint 10 team.
    Please keep up the excellent work and enjoy the holidays.
    from Hobart in mid Summer.