[SOLVED] Sound Problem in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala Alpha 4) due to Pulseaudio

[ad#ad-1] Sound in my Ubuntu Karmic Koala desktop used to freeze and I was into real problem. The process “pulseaudio” used to hog the CPU and sound would stop at times. So I replaced it with esound and it is fine now. This is how I did it.

Lanched Synaptic (System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager) and then searched for pulseaudio.
Then right clicked on it and then Marked it for Complete Removal.
Then searched for esound and then Marked it for installation. If it is already installed, you may want to Mark it for reinstallation.

Hope this helps.

  • UbuntuPidit

    I use Jaunty and while music being played on Rhythombox, sometimes the sound hangs (stops for some fraction of seconds or a second) and resumes. What might be the problem? Do you think replacing pulse audio as you said might work.

  • admin

    ^you can give it a try. Reverting back is not difficult. It just involves removing esound and installing pulseaudio back. So why not give a try.

  • burak

    Hi. It works for me on 9.10 beta. I get this problem when i playing urban terror. Thanks for solution.

  • eonux

    it works but there is no any volume manager in system tray :S

  • razor

    The tribble sound in pulseaudio can be removed withou installing esound by opening a terminal and running alsamixer. Now you may want to do is reduce the cd volume to 0. That did the trick for me.

  • azendal

    Urban Terror and Quake based games
    remove libsdl1.2debian-alsa
    install libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio

    this worked for severl guys already and for me too.
    Ubuntu 9.10 Release

  • Jean

    I upgraded from ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10, everything is great except 2 things;
    1) i have no sound, at all…:S
    2) i can t play Urban Terror any more, when i run UT the mouse get stucked at the botton left corner of the window…

  • admin

    ^Did you try installing esound to solve the sound problem?

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  • theme

    Hi I’ve already solved the problem of not having sound in karmic (ubuntu 9.10) by opening the volume mixer and enabling the “side” volume fader going to: preferences –> chanel configuration. (or something like that) there i could enable ahole bunch of channels, the important is “side”. I had it silenced so I only had to uncheck the silence checkbox and everything worked as a charm. Be carefull because the volume seems to be more powerfull in karmic, Ubuntu has improved everything… 😀

  • Brian

    That solved my problem with bad sound in VirtualBox! Thank you!

  • Tobias

    I had a similar problem today. My sound in 9.10 was only in skype 64bit not working. In the browser (e.g. YouTube) it was. Esound didn’t help. What solved it (at least for now…) is uninstalling and reinstalling pulse, taking the 32bit version of Skype and rebooting the machine (the reboot alone didn’t solve it).

  • mmm I solved the problem. but now I dont have any control volume…:S

  • Bruno

    “mmm I solved the problem. but now I dont have any control volume…:S”

    I’m with you lokette

  • Sebastian

    Bruno, you can use alsamixer to change volume in the system
    just open terminal and type ‘alsamixer’. It should help, because in any program, like SMPlayer etc, you have volume control there.

  • satish

    i have upgraded my laptop from version 9.04 to version 9.10 But in my system sound is not coming.vlc media player is playing video and audio. please any one help me

  • thanks.It works for me.

  • i’ve try for this, because i’ve the problem like this. if you don’t mind, i would like to write the instalation of esound. on my blog on indonesia language

    • admin

      Of course, why not?

      It wud be great if you put a link back though.


  • flinux

    smart fix. none of the problems above. thanx!

  • Andreas

    Thanks! This solved my problem without having to shell out cash for a new sound card. You just made my day. For search engines: Problem with cs46xx under Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala solved!

  • Replaced pulseaudio with esound. I did get back the sound but its so low key it douses your mood. But isn’t that linux is all about? I mean here we are, at the end of a decade of of the 21st century, but the community is still struggling with the basics like sound and video even if it is arguably more cutting edge than the Windows (7) ??

  • jolly_guy

    Bulls Eye!!!!
    Thanks a ton…………..

  • Hey its not working for my Acer TravelMate 8471, when i removed pulseaudio and install esound , its not showing audio sound logo on desktop and even not working for ubuntu 9.10 Karmic, please help me because i am using to work while listening songs, i am getting bored now.

    • admin

      Hi Manish,
      I think the Pulseaudio thing has been fixed in the later updates. Could you reload the repos (via synaptic) and re-install pulseaudio and also install all the updates by marking them (Mark all updates) and see if it works after restart?

  • alexander

    worked for me

  • someone


    This fix ( tsched=0 ) worked for me without pulseaudio needing to be removed.

  • Leo

    Thank you sir, I fixed the problem with my Dell Demension 9200 by removing pulseaudio as suggested. BTW, volume control is still there for me.

  • Jo

    Thanks a lot for this fix. Have not tried it yet, but will keep ya posted 🙂 Thanks again.

  • anjali

    I am getting error while adding a .mp3 file in rhythmbox player.It is saying install suitable plugin like MPEG player.But couldn’t get this plugin in synaptic.
    Please help.

    • admin

      Install the following:

      That should do it.

      Easier way to do it is to open the MP3 in Totem. It will prompt you for downloading correct plugin and download it.