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[HOWTO] Make disqus comments do-follow in WordPress

I am using Disqus Comment System v2.61 and it shows comments as nofollow. This is a concern for several WordPress users as their commentators may not be interested to comment if they get no link love via comment url. The disqus comments are later generated by Javascript but it also contains the basic comments for browsers without Javascript. While I have not yet figured out how the Javascript later inserts “nofollow” attribute later when regenerating the comments with Javascript, I have figured out how to remove the ‘rel=”nofollow”‘ from the link of the basic page, which should work for search engine robots. In the version of Disqus Comment System I am using, the comment_author_url() seems to not work. So, I replaced it with get_comment_author_url() and it seems to work. Following is the new comments.php which shows the links as do-follow.

Disqus Debug thread_id: ".get_post_meta($post->ID, 'dsq_thread_id', true)."

"; } ?>
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You can replace your current comments.php with this file and have do-follow links for your blog readers. I have implemented it on this blog. Comment here and check the page source of my website to see a dofollow link to your website.