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[HOWTO] Get rid of unwanted and duplicate entries in “Open With” in Linux

When I right click on files/directories and click on “Open with another application”, I get a lot of duplicate entries and unwanted applications (like Wine applications I don’t have anymore, Minefield browser which I removed a long time ago, duplicate entries for Geany etc.). To remove them, I opened up my ~/.local/share/applications/ by pressing Alt+F2 and typing in


Then, I just removed the files with names like “wine-extension-X.desktop” and all wine entries were gone. You can choose to keep some if you have Wine installed and want then to appear in “Open With”. I also removed Minefield and Geany duplicate entries that I did not need. I also removed other files with “userapp” and “usercustom” in the names which I did not need anymore. That removed all the unwanted entries and my “Open With” box is clutter free again.

[HOWTO]Install Firefox 3.5 in Jaunty Jackalope and Make Add-Ons Compatible

[ad#ad-1]Firefox 3.5 is out for other OSes however the final version is not available for Linux. This is how you install it on your Jaunty Jackalope installation. We will use the terminal for this. It is just a copy and paste from here to your terminal so it should be fine. Continue reading [HOWTO]Install Firefox 3.5 in Jaunty Jackalope and Make Add-Ons Compatible