Ubuntu 10.10 named Maverick Meerkat

[ad#ad-1]Ubuntu 10.10 Marvick Meerkat has been announced at Shuttleworth’s Blog today, April 2, 2010 which should be released in October 2010.

It will probably have loads of new features that have been held back in Lucid Lynx since it is LTS (Long Term Support) version. I will probably be trying it out from the 1st Alpha release and keep you updated about the feature additions (what’s new) and changes. I think Maverick will feature gnome-shell, rgba support and more.

  • Sanjog

    interesting……..wondering what khattam means though..

    • admin

      ^me too :p

  • They try to sell the same crap again and again with no real improvements, so we can’t expect too much from them, in the versions between the last LTS and this they screwed a lot of things, now the latest version doesn’t even have a decent audio playback on my computers with anything else than the player open because they tought that pulseaudio is better than something that works, they replaced pidgin with the crappy empathy, they use to dash pppoe connectivity every 2 versions, they moved the buttons from right to left with no apparent reason…

    Ubuntu can be good because it has a huge number of users, but when Canonical’s developers forget that it has to be usable on every computer the problems arise.
    In my country atleast, Romania, 60% of the country’s population can’t use it because they have a pppoe connection and nobody who wants to try ubuntu will waste his time figuring out how to set up a basic internet connection in the command line when pirated windows, movies, games and music are common as cofee.

    Let’s hope I am wrong, but I have a feeling that this Maverick Meerkat named version will screw more things than any other version so far.

  • ubuntu 10.04 has not crashed on me till 3 hours. Its a new record for me seriously. and the first thing i did after install was put the max,min button on right ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Sakar

    When you will upgrade in October to Ubuntu 10.10 you will have to move them on the left again ๐Ÿ™‚ they moved them with a purpose – Windicators – ( you will see ) The want people to get used to the left layout because some new features will be added with the release of Gnome 3.0 and Windicators, etc.

  • Erik Andersen

    In the Ubuntu Open Week “Ask Mark” session I asked if Gnome Shell will be in 10.10 and Mark said no. Yay, we get to have compiz for another release!