WordPress on ByetHost : “Error Establishing a Database Connection” Problem

[ad#ad-1]I’m running this blog on a Free Hosting Plan provided by Byethost. I recently ran into this problem and was thinking of asking for support but I figured out the problem and the solution to it.

What I had done recently was changed the password and failed to realize that it also changed the database and ftp passwords too. I conneted to the FTP using new password and edited the wp-config.php. I replaced the new password with the old one and thats it. Problem solved and the blog is back online.

  • Good to hear that. Btw, which password did you change? Are all the passwords inter-related with each other? Database password ra FTP ko password pani same hunu parcha ra? Never heard that before.. I guess Bytehost ma testo scheme hola.. Ek chin ta timi twaa paryo hola coz no one guess about this things as it rarely happens.. “Changing a password changed the database and ftp passwords too”.. Will keep this on mind.
    Happy Blogging dude

  • admin

    of course, if you mention the source.

  • admin

    Yes, I found that all passwords are inter-relted.

  • BYETHOST is so popular among us bloggers today

  • El Negro

    Hi. I get here searching a solution for a similar problem.

    I¡m trying to get for first time a WordPress running on a Byethost account. But I get that same error: “Error Establishing a Database Connection”.

    I don’t know how to configure WordPress wp-config.php file.

    What I have to write in DB_HOST option?

    And sorry my english… I speak spanish 😛

    • admin

      Sorry, I don’t use byethost anymore.

      They have fantistico like installer. Use it to install wordpress in a new subdomain and then view wp-config.php

      • Joe

        They don’t provide fantastico anymore, at least for free hosting services. I uploaded a wordpress installation from my localhost and get a database error connection, too. All the username, database and password are correct in wp-config.php
        I’m not sure about DB_HOST, it is currently set to DB_HOST=’localhost’, which I think should work (at least it does in other hostings like x10host)

  • http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/third-party-host-fix/

    Upload via FTP and activate it…
    It solves !!